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Montcalm & Wolfe
The French and Indian War - 1759

This is a 1776 variant by Fred Sassin that was originally published in The General, Volume 20, Number 3. The Boardgamer's Unofficial Guide to 1776 includes some updates to this variant, which I have included below.  This material has been slightly modified from its original, published form.

The Mapboard
The northern section of the 1776 mapboard includes all the important areas of the 1759 campaign with the exception of Fort Niagara.  Therefore, that portion of the warfare must be handled in an abstract manner- the withdrawal of British combat units off the western edge of the mapboard and the assumption that Fort Niagara is captured (see Victory Conditions).  The addition of Fort Edward (built on hex HHH38), Fort William Henry (unbuilt on hex GGG36), and Fort Levis (built on hex KKK32) to the mapboard was considered necessary both to the play of the game and for historic flavor; add the new forts utilizing the counter mix.

The Counters
The counters from 1776 are used in the following manner: Red- British Regulars (BR), Dark Blue- French Regulars (FR), Green- British Colonials (BC), and Orange- Canadian Militia (CM).  The orange Indian (I) units are used by both sides, while the pale blue fortification and entrenchment counters are used by the French player.  The pale blue combat counters are not used in this variant.

Special Rules
1.  British Colonial (BC) units are considered regular troops in regard to both combat and fortification construction.

2.  The bateau and forced march optional rules are mandatory.  Note also that the variable transport capabilities option rule (page 22 of the rules) is used in conjunction with the bateaus.

3.  The British player is permitted to build a fortification at the Fort William Henry location (hex GGG36).  The British player is prohibited from attacking Fort Ticonderoga until and unless he first builds a fortification at this location.

4.  The fortifications at Ticonderoga, St Johns, and Quebec may not be destroyed during play.  All other fortifications may be destroyed at the end of the capturing player’s combat phase, if desired.  The rules for dismantling fortifications (by the controlling player) remain unchanged.

5.  Reinforcements scheduled to arrive at Albany or Montreal are lost if either is occupied solely by enemy combat units.

6.  Control is defined as currently occupying an objective that is free of enemy combat units.

Victory Conditions
1.  The British player wins if he has more victory points (VP) than the French Player.  Any other result is a French win.

2.  The British player receives/loses victory points for the following:
     a.  Control of Quebec at the end of Turn 7 -  +7 VP
     b.  Control of St Johns AND Montreal at the end of Turn 7 -  +5 VP
     c.  Fails to exit six BR strength points west off hex ZZ26 by the end of
     Turn 3 -  -5 VP
     d.  Fails to build fortifications at Oswego or Fort William Henry (hex
     GGG36) -  -1 VP per location

3.  The French player receives victory points (VP) for the following:
     a.  Control of Ticonderoga at the end of Turn 7 - +5 VP
     b.  Control of Albany at the end of any game turn - +2 VP per turn
     c.  Control of Oswego at the end of any game turn - +1 VP per turn
     d.  Destruction of forts at Oswego, Fort Stanwix, Fort William Henry, or Fort
     Edward -      +1 VP per location

Montcalm and Wolfe - 1759

At Start May 1759

 13/BR, 8/BC, 2/A, 2/S: Albany
 15/BR, 2/BC, 1/A, 1/S, 4/B: AAAA45
 1/BC, 1/F: Fort Stanwix
 1/BR, 1/BC, 1/F: Fort Edward (HHH38)

  5/FR, 1/CM, 1/S, 1/B, 1/F: Fort Ticonderoga
  6/FR, 9/CM, 1/S, 1/B, 1/F: Quebec
  1/FR, 1/CM, 1/S, 1/B: Montreal
  1/CM, 1/F: St Johns
  1/CM, 1/F: Fort Levis (KKK32)
  1/CM: Three Rivers



move first

1/S: Albany
1/S: AAAA45

1/S: Albany
1/I: Oswego**

1/S: AAAA45

1/S: Albany
2/B: Ft Wm Henry (GGG36)

1/S: AAAA45







1/I: within 3 hexes of Quebec*

1/S: Montreal
1/CM, 1/I:
within 3 hexes of Ft Levis (KKK32)

1/S: Montreal
* May be withheld for later turn at French player's discretion.
** Only if Oswego is occupied by at least six British strength points.  Reinforcement is lost if this condition is not met by the end of Turn 2.