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2001 Championship
1776 Final Game
Steve Packwood vs David Metzger
Steve took the British for a bid of 13

Turn 1. 6 BR left Boston by sea and headed south. The Americans besieged Quebec.

Turn 2. 6 BR land in the South-Central area. The Americans leave Quebec and move to screen Richmond to save the South-Central area.

Turn 3. British land 1 BR in Savannah, and the rest of the reinforcements in the South-Central area, taking all strategic towns except Richmond.

Interphase.  British control at least 1 Town in each area except the Middle States.

Turn 4. British hit the Americans in the South-Central at 3-2, but rolled a " No Effect" and the Americans were able to get away.

Turn 5. The BR abandon the Deep South due to pressure, but Canadian Reinforcements move toward St. Johns. The main Continental army leaves Springfield (where it was guarding the British in Boston) and moves toward Ticonderoga.

Turn 6. The British hold up at St. Johns in the north and retains control of only Alexandria in the South-Central, Philadelphia in the Middle States, and Boston in New England.

Interphase. The American brings in 8 factors in Wyoming, threatening to reinforce the South-Central area.

Turn 7. Still attempting to take the South-Central, the British land more troops at Philadelphia to cut off the Wyoming group. The British in the South-Central try to herd the American forces away from the towns.

Turn 8. New British troops come in at Philadelphia to cut off 3 groups of Americans heading south (one group from Wyoming.). The British finally gain control of the entire South-Central area. The Americans maneuver to try to slip by the British forces in the Middle States.

Turn 9. The British Middle States cut off force retreats to Philadelphia to consolidate the South-Central. No British in the Deep South. The Americans destroyed the fort at Ticonderoga just before the British St Johns force moved to take it. The large American force moves south.

Turn 10. In the Deep South, the British land at Savannah and take Hillsboro.The Americans move a force just outside Boston.

Turn 11. The British move to hold 13 Strategic Towns. The American gets in position to attack one.

Turn 12. The British move to hold 14 Strategic Towns. The American makes two attacks: One at 1-2, and one at 1-1 (-1 to the die). The American attacks failed and the British won.

David Metzger, the American player, had no previous experience with 1776, and so did quite well to advance to the Championship game. This game was the first Campaign game that he had played, and he made it a close one.