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Round 3 Summaries
(in no particular order)

Stan Buck vs. Stu Bieber:

On the first turn, the British player (Bieber) moved into the entrenchments at Cheraw.  Greene attacked him there and destroyed his force.  The next month, the British gathered all available forces, including the garrison and supply at Charleston, for a counter attack.  This combat ended inconclusively (NE) after a couple of rounds.  Greene then headed for Charleston.  Although both he and leader A failed the forced march die rolls to reach Charleston, Marion and Sumpter captured the town.  The British failed in their attempt to force march through the swamps north of the town, which resulted in the Americans winning an automatic victory.

Doug Pratto vs. Jim Engler:

The British player (Engler) reinforced Augusta, Ninety-Six, Camden, and Cornwallis' forces at Ramsay's Mill on the first turn.  The Americans responded by consolidating Greene's, Marion's, and Sumpter's forces at Cross Creek.  1RMd retreated from outside Ft. Prince George into the mountains in North Carolina.  For turn 2, the British moved all but 1BR from Ninety-Six to Camden.  Cornwallis moved his entire army to Cross Creek but Rawdon w/1Grendr, 1Lt. Inf, and 1BR failed in their attempt to join him by forced march.  With the threat to its existence removed, the 1RMd returned to its original position just outside Ft. Prince George.  Greene overran Rawdon at hex O19 but failed to capture him.  He then blocked Cornwallis' path to Camden, & sent Marion & Sumter w/6 RM to attack the garrison at Camden which was subsequently wiped out (3-1 odds).  On turn 3, the British moved Leader E w/1BR out of Ninety-Six, attacked the 1RMd just outside Ft. Prince George, and were destroyed in the combat (1-1 Attack with +2 drm, British Recon-in-Force vs. American Stand and Defend, then rolling a 1!)  Cornwallis, reinforced by Rawdon & the bonus 1TM from Hillsboro, attacked Greene at hex P19 but failed to inflict any damage or use up any supply after being forced to break off the attack after Round 1 (3-2 odds, -2 drm, dr was 1 again!).  Charleston was reinforced by 2BR marching from Ft. Motte.  The Americans then occupied Ninety-Six with the 1RMd.  Greene sent 2RM and 1RMd to cover the 3 hexes in and around Wilmington.  Marion & Sumter sent 3RM to reinforce Greene at P19, then moved w/ 2RM inside the fort at Ninety-Six.  On turn 4, the British moved Leader E w/1BR to Savannah.  Cornwallis and the rest of the British army moved to Hillsboro.  Cornwallis, Leslie, & 3BR were then removed from the board for failing to exit to Virginia.  The Americans moved Marion w/1RM to the Commerce Town of Cheraw.  Greene's entire force, joined by 2RM from Wilmington, attack Rawdon at Hillsboro and wipe out the entire British force (Round 1 attack at 3-2 odds with +1 drm with American playing Recon-in-Force vs. British Enfilade Left, gaining a +2 drm on a die roll of 4, thereby wiping out half the British force). At that point, which was the end of turn 4, the British surrendered.  
Jan Orband vs. Stan Buck:

The odd number of players resulted in an extra game in round 3, which Stan Buck graciously agreed to play against Jan Orband's Redcoats.  The Americans consolidated their troops into one large army. The British responded by leaving a strong garrison in Charleston, stripping most of their other garrisons, and escorted Cornwallis to the Virginia border with a large force of their own. The American used this opportunity to move south and take 96 and Savannah. Unfortunately, they failed to leave an adequate blocking force and became trapped in Savannah by the large British army.  The Americans then conceded the game.