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Round 2 Summaries
(in no particular order)

Stan Buck vs Jim Lawler:

The campaign opened with Rodgers and his Rangers moving up the east side of Lake Champlain, headed for the Indian village at St Francis.  Sensing an opportunity, Bourlmaque led an expedition from Ft Ticonderoga across the lake to attack Rodgers.  Unfortunately, the attack failed and the French force was wiped out when Rodgers was reinforced by some of Amhearst's troops.  Rodgers and a force of light infantry, Rangers, and colonials went on to capture Ft St Johns in July and Ft Levis, where the Montreal garrison had fled, in August.  Quebec also fell in August, after a few false starts by the British.  Levis, now alone, captured Albany but was driven out by Amhearst in September.  The French (Lawler) surrendered in September, having only 4 strength points remaining on the board.

Doug Pratto vs Greg Palmer:

The French (Palmer) conceded in Turn 2 after losing a massive battle on the Plains of Abraham, just outside the walls of Quebec.  On Turn 1, The French moved Montcalm and 12 FR SPs outside the Fort at Quebec.  The British attacked on Turn 2 with Wolfe and 17 BR SPs hoping to make the French use up a Supply.  As luck would have it, the British rolled a 6 at 1:1 in the first combat round, and another 6 at 3:2 in the second round.   Even if the surviving French managed to withdraw into the fort, they would not have been able to sustain a defense against a siege.

Stu Bieber vs Phil McCabe:

The British (McCabe) started out strong by capturing Quebec, St. Johns, Montreal and Ticonderoga by the 4th turn. However, taking the artillery to Ticonderoga prevented the British from building the fort at Oswego, costing the British one victory point. Also, the British raid on the Indian village was defeated, with Rogers losing his life in the attack. The French were able to retake both Montreal and Ticonderoga in the 5th turn, but the British were able to regain control of Montreal during turn 6. At this point the British entered the fort in St Johns with 5 units, entrenched in Montreal with 6 units, held onto Quebec with 3 units, and defended Albany with 4 units. This allowed the depleted French forces (5units) to spread out and enter the strategic town hexes to deny the British control and the victory points. While the French did not attack, the British where not able to use defender-initiated combat from within the forts and entrenchments.  Victory was snatched from defeat by the French on the last move.

Jim Engler vs Lou Manios:

Lou Manios withdrew when he realized time conflicts would prevent him from finishing the game.

Jan Orband vs Rod Coffey:

The British (Coffey) started the May turn with an all-out attack on Quebec - after exchange of the proper courtesies. Amherst and Prideaux moved towards Ticonderoga, as well. The combat in Quebec ended in the loss of 2 BC for the British but, even worse, both Wolfe and Townsend were casualties. The French survived in Quebec with the supply unit still intact. The French decided to withdraw from Quebec while Lévis left Montreal for Ticonderoga.

Consequently, Prideaux settled in Ft Edward, rather than marching for Ft Niagara, and Amherst started building Ft Wm. Henry. In July, Monckton advanced towards Montreal and Rodgers left Albany for his famous cross-mountain raid of the Abenaki village. A single BR carried out a successful raid on Montreal by forced march and prevented the French from receiving the July supply. The French Quebec army withdrew further towards Ticonderoga as Montcalm decided to concentrate most available forces for the conquest of the British supply base in Albany. A two-forked raiding force, leaving Ticonderoga and Ft Levis, under the inspired command of Levis, headed for Oswego.

In August, the British entrenched in and around Albany and captured St Johns without resistance. The defenses around Oswego and in Ft Stanwix were also stiffened. The French attrited the defenses around Albany (GGG36, GGG37 and HHH38) and forts Edward and Wm Henry were taken and destroyed.

In September, the British occupied Ticonderoga - again without a fight. Amherst and Prideaux concentrated their forces in GGG37 after overrunning a French force under Bougainville in HHH38. The British regiments from Ft Stanwix were marched to Oswego to prevent Levis' raiders from taking it. The main French force under Montcalm was in GGG36 and the way to Albany was open.

Unfortunately, Rod had to go overseas before the battle in GGG37 was resolved and he requested an adjudication. After careful consideration of the options open to both players, the victory was awarded to the French.

Godspeed and safe return to Rod and everyone else in harm's way.