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2002 Championship

Rob Beyma vs Robert Frisby
12 Month Campaign Game

In the final, Robert Frisby bid 14 towns to play the British against Rob Beyma.  Anticipating Frisby would try to obtain most of his bid with southern towns, Beyma retreated his main army towards the Middle States and began shifting men and supplies south.  Frisby landed forces in Norfolk and Savannah, while maintaining a strong garrison in Boston, in order to deny Beyma some CA reinforcements.  Beyma kept some forces up North to contest Ticonderoga and Norwich.  By Summer, Philadelphia was also controlled by the British.

The large British reinforcements landed in Savannah in August and by October the British controlled 12 towns (the Deep South, Norfolk/Petersburg, Quebec/Montreal, Boston, and Philadelphia). On the November turn, the British launched a surprise assault from St Johns by bateau, pinned the American defenders inside Ticonderoga, and landed 13 SPs and a supply to threaten Albany.

The last turn saw a flurry of forced marches.  The British took Albany, Ft Stanwix, Wyoming, and Richmond for a total of 16 (!) towns. Beyma eliminated the Redcoats at Wyoming at 5-1. The Americans converged on Albany for a 2-1 attack using one group that slipped across Lake Champlain via bateau ferries and another group that forced marched 7MPs (!!) from New England. However, the Americans were stymied at Albany with a “NE” die roll.  The main American force in Virginia hit Richmond at 2-1. The smaller force went to Petersburg and, coupled with some SPs forced marching from North Carolina, attacked it at 3-1 odds and won.  In the end it came down to the Battle of Richmond- whoever won the battle won the game.  Beyma risked a Recon card while Frisby chose an Enfilade, which resulted in a +1 DRM on a die roll of '4' for an American victory.  If Frisby had played a Withdraw card, he would have won the tournament.  This was a very close game between two well-matched opponents.