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2005 WBC Event Report

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2005 WBC Event Report
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July 21, 2006

This year, 1776 had 18 players- an all-time record!  The mulligan and first round pairings were random.  Results are listed with winner first and in bold.
Mulligan Round

David Docktor (British) vs. Matt Burkins (American)
Score was 14 with 14 bid.
Bob Jamelli (British) vs. Richard Mataka (American)
Score was 9 with 7 bid.
Steve Packwood (American) vs. MarshallCollins (British)
Score was 6 with 14 bid.

John Keating (American) vs. Stephen Westerholm (British)
Score was 11 with 15 bid.

Round 1

Matt Burkins (British) vs. Rod Coffey (American)
Score was 17 with 14 bid.

Paul Toro  (American) vs. Dale Long (British)
Score was 11 with 12 bid.
Robert Frisby (British) vs. Jim Lawler (American)
Score was 14 with 13 bid.

Phil Rennert (British) vs. Jim Loman (American)
Score was 20 with 13 bid.

John Barrett (British) vs. Paul Stoecker (American)
Score was 14 with 12 bid.

Mark Miklos - bye

Round 2

Matt Burkins (American) vs. John Keating (British)
Score was at least 13 with 14 bid.

Steve Packwood (British) vs. Phil Rennert (American)
Score was at least 14 with 14 bid.
David Docktor (British) vs. Robert Frisby (American)
Score was 14 with 14 bid.

Paul Toro (British) vs. Bob Jamelli (American)
Score was 13 with 13 bid.

John Barrett vs. Mark Miklos


Paul Toro - withdrew

David Docktor (British) vs. Matt Burkins (American)
Score was at least 15 with 14 bid.

Steve Packwood (British) vs. John Barrett (American)
Score was at least 17 with 13 bid.


Steve Packwood (American) vs. David Docktor (British)
Score was 13 with 14 bid.

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